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20 December 2019
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Five Favorite Long Beach Neighborhoods

20 December 2019, Comments: 0

We love Long Beach. Why wouldn’t we?! The city of Long Beach is not only beautiful, but it is home to some amazing restaurants, […]

16 December 2019
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A Prosperous 2020: Start Your Saving Habits in January!

16 December 2019, Comments: 0

Each year, countless Americans resolve to stop mindless spending and finally start saving for the future. The New Year brings a lot of motivation […]

25 November 2019
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New Year’s Resolutions That Will Help You Buy a Home in 2020

25 November 2019, Comments: 0

Are you dreaming of buying a home in 2020? Congratulations! Buying your first home is an amazing goal to work towards. The idea, however, […]

21 November 2019
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Using the Home Equity for Investing in a Second Home

21 November 2019, Comments: 0

One of the primary reasons people look to buy a Southern California home is that they want to acquire assets. In all logicality, if […]

10 October 2019
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How to Decorate for the Holidays without Supercharging your Energy Bill

10 October 2019, Comments: 0

One of the most exciting things about being a homeowner around the holidays is getting to decorate your cozy home for the season. Especially […]

10 October 2019
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What’s Happening in Long Beach this November?

10 October 2019, Comments: 0

The year is coming to a close, so why not fit in a little extra adventure, culture, and family time? Long Beach has a […]

16 September 2019
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Now is the Time to Buy in Long Beach for First Time Home Buyers

16 September 2019, Comments: 0

It might sound crazy to suggest that now is a good time to buy a home anywhere in California, no less Long Beach. It […]

12 September 2019
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Halloween Decorating Tips for Your Long Beach Home 

12 September 2019, Comments: 0

With Halloween right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about how you’ll decorate for the spooky season. There are many […]

21 August 2019
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When Should I Refinance?

21 August 2019, Comments: 0

The temptation to refinance and increase your monthly budget is enticing. There are several benefits to refinancing your home loan – getting a lower […]

13 August 2019
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Is Right Now is the Best Time to Sell Your House?

13 August 2019, Comments: 0

Finding the best time to buy or sell a home is tricky business. There are favorable times of year, seasons, and markers in your […]