How to Decorate for the Holidays without Supercharging your Energy Bill

10 October 2019
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10 October 2019, Comments: 0

One of the most exciting things about being a homeowner around the holidays is getting to decorate your cozy home for the season. Especially around Christmastime, homeowners love to deck the halls and put up thousands of lights to show their love for the season – and to show off for the neighbors. While holiday lights and electric-powered reindeer will make your home a beautiful winter sight, it can also make your energy bills skyrocket. 

Let’s investigate some energy-efficient and money-saving ways to spruce up your home while still staying savvy this winter.  



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Go Green
The holidays are the perfect time to use greenery to decorate. Hunt out gorgeous holiday or winter-themed wreaths, boughs, garlands, and swags. Put miniature evergreen trees in planters near your front door or decorate with real holly. Poinsettias are gorgeous winter flowers with a lovely holiday look. Use these inside to add holiday elegance to any room. 



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Light it Up!
If you just can’t part with the idea of a glimmering, light-lined rooftop or bushes, there are still some options that will keep your energy use under budget. Opt for LED lights that use up to 90% less energy. Fiber optic lights are also a great choice – they use a lot less energy and still put on a great show! Another way to limit energy use is to set a timer for your lights. This prevents them from being left on during the day and wasting energy. When you’re inside enjoying your Christmas tree, turn off other lights in the room and enjoy the soft glow of the tree alone. 



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Hunt for Treasure
You can find some amazing Christmas decorations at thrift and antique stores. Old glass ornaments and gorgeous mercury glass make fantastic porch decorations or wreath accents. Combine old candles for a warming hearth-like glow and keep cozy blankets and throws in your lounging areas. This not only makes the home look more like a cozy holiday home, but can help you reduce your energy use by using less electricity and heating.  



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Rejoice Resourcefully

Who doesn’t love to transform their home during the holidays? A little holiday décor can make a big difference when it comes to cheer and making merry. This season, take the energy-efficient challenge and limit the amount of energy you use to power your decoration. 


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